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is second only to my love for music (the gf is in a completely different category).

I was just curious as to what peoples tastes in music are, and hopefuly people can use this thread when they are looking for something new to listen to...

I kinda listen to a variety of stuff, but Ive always been into punk, hard rock, and hardcore.

bands ive been listenng to fairly recently:
A Wilhelm Scream
Four Year Strong
The Actual
Silent Drive
With Honor
Say Anything

So feel free to share some of your favorite/current fav bands...

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In my truck cd player is a mix right not.

1. Sixx am
2. Disturbed
3. System of a down
4. Toby Keith
5. George Straight
6. Blake Lewis. (American Idol runner up last year)

Just a mix I like everything.

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Hehehehe rock from the 80's

I'll admit i do have an old school song on my mp3 player. BUT it was in one of the judgement day vids (if that helps) It's Jefferson Starship-we built this city :biggrin

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It was actually nimber 1
I couldn't believe it. And I remember it like it was yesterday...........I watched the whole Top 100 worst songs of all time. The announcer was finally like "and here it is........THE number 1 worst song of all time" And the screen faded to black and it started....."We built this city......we built this city on rock and roll"
I was pissed and thought it was a tape and my buddies were fvcking with me

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Soundgarden/Audioslave will always be my one of my faves, any of the 90's Grundge bands, boatloads of modern stuff as well, mainly TOOL. I saw them in concert, and couldn't believe the energy, insane!!!
I still listen to a bunch of 80's stuff too, Alternative I think it was called back then, lollz. Led Zep will always be my all time favorite band though..
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