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My Preferred Phone Mount

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I want to share my experience with phone mounts in case it's helpful to anyone. I highly recommend the Ram mount with the Quick-Grip XL holder.

I've used the X-Grip but found I didn't trust it. The rubber grips are not glued on well and occasionally do fall off, which is why they sell replacements. I was always concerned about my phone slipping out with every bump on the road, and resorted to wrapping a thick rubber band or hair elastic around the X-Grip and the phone for added security.

With the expense of RAM products, and my tight budget I hesitated for months to try the Quick-Grip XL because I wasn't sure the fingers would be deep enough to cradle my phone with the heavy UAG case I have on my phone. Eventually I caved, and I'm so glad I did!

The fingers that hold the phone are deep enough for and phone and case. The spring system is strong and holds the phone VERY securely while being easy to put in and out one-handed.

The con is that each mount, ball and arm costs more than it should, imho.

Other pros, they are very well made and have many options for creative mounting locations. I'm using a mount that bolts onto my brake oil reservoir because my bike, the '01 Katana, has a short left and right handle leaving no room to bar-mount it. The fuel tank mount is close for my liking. With all the options available (my system pictured below) you can easily and securely mount you phone in a convenient spot that doesn't interfere with your cluster. (Please excuse the dirty bike. The photo was taken on a January day in Ontario.)
Also, the balls have a rubber coating that prevents them from slipping, moving around or dropping over time and vibrations. I wasn't sure it would hold-up but I've been using mine through sun, rain, sleet and snow (seriously!) for about 6 months now and they are still like new.


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