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I went to my local Kawasaki Dealer to pick up some oil for my bike (They are the only ones that carrys what I us) And there was this guy in his 60s talking to the sales guy about trading in his 05 Ninja 250 for a new cruiser. They told him they would they would give him $1300 for his trade. Well I was outside talking to the gentleman and looking at the bike. I told him I would give him $1500 cash right now if he wanted to sell it. He said you have yourself a deal. So I sent my girlfriend to the bank and we did the sale. Well the salesperson got all pissed off and jacked the price of the cruiser up $2300 on the guy. The salesperson told him that he was factoring the trade into the deal, And the Gentleman said "you were only giving me $1500 for my trade why are you jacking the price up $2300." Then the gentleman Said forget it, I'll go somewhere else." He shaked my hand and gave me his phone number and said "if you have any questions just give me a call." Then left.

Details on the bike
Looks brand new, not a scratch anywhere.
All service done at Kawasaki with all the paperwork
Only has 4123 miles on it

Now hope fully I can talk my girlfriend into taking the MSF course.
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