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New Intruder 800

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Son is getting his bike license. Got him enrolled in a course end of April. His birthday is in a few days so I’m rushing to get it road ready. I got him his first bike at 5yo so he’s not a complete newb but new to the streets.

Choke cable is seized but I got it started with ether. Runs fine once it starts. Stuck a new battery in it today, what a pita.

Missing the clutch lever so I got one coming. New lefthand control box because someone cut some wires. Needs a new valve stem in the front wheel. I have one but waiting until everything else is done.

Got 3 small holes in the rear seat. I’ll fing one later. He won’t have passengers for the first year on the street.
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At least you hope he has no riders .....For safety sake , Does he have a girlfriend yet ? That will be the first rider .....
He’s only allowed to ride with me and my brother for quite a while. Be hard to sneak that past us.
Handlebars installed, brakes fixed, clutch fixed, tire fixed. Had to install a new valve stem in the wheel, both the clutch and front brake master cylinder assemblies replaced (lever er and sensor switches too). Had to rerun all wires (were inside the handlebars) and hydraulic lines for them to be long enough. Was much more of a nightmare than it should have been.

Before and after of the handlebars and controls. Made a ton of difference in how the handling feels.
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Some pics next to mine.
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And his first 1/4 mile ride down my driveway and back.
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I rode it for about 15 miles today. Got plenty of power. Still pulls the front wheel off the ground without hesitation.
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Don't teach that to the kid ... Please , teach him to ride responsibly ... Get him a dirt bike for wheelies .. We really don't need that stunt riding on the street ......
Lol, I live out here on a country road, just needed to see what it had before I’d let him ride it. A little tweak here and there and it won’t do that anymore, at least not without trying real hard.
We don't need to turn the country kids into hoodrats .... LOL....
He’s been doing pretty good. Got him cutting U-turns in the rocks without putting his feet down. Hooked him up with a windshield and got the speedo fixed.
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The floorboards came in for Max’s bike. The were not designed for this 800 Intruder. They attach different. Take the two screws out from under the peg itself and remove the rubber from the peg shaft. Two bolts in the floorboards go through those holes in the peg shaft and attach that way. Few problems as I said, were not meant for this bike.

1, I had to drill one hole on each side because the bolt was too big.

2. The factory pegs on this bike are angled up. Required me to put a big wrench on each one and bend it with my foot. Those things are STRONG. 1-1/4" wrench had a big bow in it. Thought the wrench was going to break but it didn't.

3. Controls were too low because of the nose up angle the floorboards were at. Required me to drop the carriage about 3/8" (sub frame under the bike that attaches the rear brake, foot pegs and kick stand). That's as far as I could drop it without reworking the rear brake, but it was just enough with a little brake and shifter adjustment. Might put a brake pedal cover on just for a little extra positive engagement.

4. The end of the shifter is a little bent down. Have to fix that tomorrow. Unfortunately, the only way to get the shifter off is to take all 8 bolts back out of the carriage and drop it. Fun, fun...

What it looks like after the work.
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Probably have to blow up this pic below to see the boogered up shifter.
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Once I get that shifter bent back, it’ll be about as comfortable as that bike can possibly get to ride. I’m not a huge fan of light bikes. Every time you hit a bump on the highway you bounce off the seat and have to readjust. It’s not just this bike, my first street bike did it too. Just the nature of a light bike.

Got the plates for it in the saddle bags but I rode it to town and filled up the tank. I’ll take it on a 70 mile ride tomorrow, see how a longer haul is.
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