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Packers and GIANTS WIN

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It's on right now...

New England will take this one most likely, but the last game if it's the Packers could be anyone's game. They haven't faced yet and I think Brett Favre has a good chance at going all the way this year. Even though it would be cool to see New England go undefeated in a way.
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new england played well. Now lets get green bay in there with them!
common packers...this is your own it!
motomummy said:
common packers...this is your own it!
once my Pats show up the Packers might as well Pack it in
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I don't know. I think green bay is the only team who can really give them a hell of a challenge...
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It's a great Game and my laptop is actually keeping me warm and that's a good thing for once...
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patriots should dominate. I can't believe brett sucked it up so bad his last 10 or so throws
foot in my mouth at this point. Fuck it, kegger at my house. email me if your in the area, 2 new england teams at a house in new england you know its gonna get rowdy. did i mention i always have an ice luuge at my keggers:beer:nowhine
Did not think the giants had it in them. Hats off to you Eli. I was a doubter and I'm a Giant fan haha. San Diego had a shot but Philip Rivers has always been weak sauce in my book. Giants have ALOT of film to watch to defeat these infallible Pats.
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