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I figured we should start a thread for those that are wanting to learn the basics of photoshop and/or to enhance their present skills.

Ask any questions you have, and/or tips or tricks that you currently know.

I've been using photoshop for about 5 or 6 months here and there, and I only really use it to make signatures. I've come along way just by messing around with it and reading articles here and there... Here's the progression in signature making I have made:

The first one I ever made:

very simple, didn't really use any type of blending... just found pictures with black backgrounds and etc. just to make it look like it was all together.

After that I learned a few tricks such as adding texture, shadowing, patterns, and "filters"

This is what I came up with next:

and also my first attempt to make one for someone else:

After that I havent' really messed around with photoshop for a few months, but due to this new forum and signature requests I've starting tooling around with it again

This past week I've learned even more new tricks, such as blending images and furthering transperancy of images.

I made Sarah a new sig with the basics of the prior tricks.
Branch Plant Tree Twig Tints and shades

But I really started understanding how it all works within the past few days and these are the newest ones I have made.

Tire Hand Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel

Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Font Motorcycle

Font Urban design Asphalt Building City

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Once you learn a few tricks here and there it's really amazing what this program can do. And i've still got a TON to learn. Let me know if anyone needs any help with anything, and I am always curious to learn new things as well. I'm sure there are some pros on this forum some where... so start spilling the info!


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PCP, thats awesome. I started to work on Photoshop about 6 months ago as well. I worked on it for about 2 weeks then stopped. I wanna get back into it and be good at.

Any recommendations you can offer regarding articles and "how to" would be great.

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Verapakill said:
me too

mostly just to piss you off

what do you want to start some e-drama with me or somthing ill get mah e-hommies to type mean words at you
I don't mind if other people make sigs, I'm not a nazi.. if someone makes something and the person likes it better, that's cool with me. As long as the person is happy with at least one of them that we make.
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