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picture quiz !!...Any wildlife lovers on the board??

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What's wrong with this picture.........

I'll wait for a few guesses then I"ll post another picture up, each one being more and more revealing as the guesses get closer to being right or worse!!

I was floored when I saw this the other day I had to go back around the traffic circle and snap some pictures with my digi.... LOL some people are idiots!!
But this is a beautiful piece of expensive landscaping that I saw when driving around during lunch. It's amazing what the local city gov't in Johnson county Kansas will spend their voters hard earned tax dollars on!


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nope... LOL "it'll make you go: Duh, wow!! no sh!t!?!"

Good guess tho!!

keep the guess's comin and I"ll post the next picture up....

I did this on another forum right after I took these pics... It was pretty funny!
Kelevra said:
There is a
carved in the rock? lollz

that was hilarious! hahaha Your'e the first person to say that man.... it's plain as day now that I heard you say that.. stop posting up while smokin weed! haha j/K

this forum us pretty dead, so I'll speed it up and post another pic... I'll skip a couple others too, so this oughtta basically give it away now!!

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What's with the chain? Is that it?

Oh PLEASE tell me it's chained to that sign LMAO.
Grandevil said:
What's with the chain? Is that it?

Oh PLEASE tell me it's chained to that sign LMAO.
Good observation, that could be it
you know i was looking at the things and i was saying to myself, "are they even mounted to something?" but that wasnt what i thought he was saying guess about so i didnt say nothing... but i bet thats what it is...

do a high school prank and take 'em.....

Jail time for sure
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the chain wouldn't stop me!haha but I wondered when I was circling the traffic circle for the second time hangin out of my van with a camera takin pictures of it all tattooed up and crappy work van, if anyone watching was wondering if I was casing the place to come back and steal them! haha

"quick honey get his tag number!!" hahaha

OK... um no.
its not the chain... come on guys! NObody deer hunts on here? *hint*

I got another good one whenever you guys figure this one out!!
its time to post the answer...

im tired of guessing and looking at the same damn 2 pictures
yea your'e right there is only like two people on this site anyways...

and there's only two pictures... and there was like four guesses... you didn't even post one of them by the way... so whew!... I bet your'e tired of guessing... but your are right...... it is time....

............time for another pic.LOL

If you can't tell from this picture there is something wrong with you!

just so you have something to refrence it from here is a pic of an actual whitetail deer real quick....

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thats some funny shit... go cut them off and glue them on the right way for the city

I couldn't believe some idiot would actually put that statue up for the good city of leawood in KC, and then charge them, probably get the job reviewed before getting paid, and still got paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redonkulous if you ask me!! Glad it's not my town! haha

Good job for seein it, and thanks for playing anthony. I see you guessed early on, so what was it that gave it up for ya? The picture of the deer I shot along time ago, or the final picture of the statue that I posted?
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be watching out tomorrow for another one...

I just got asked if I'm "ready for my back rub" from the wife...

I was like "R U crazy??"

sorry guys..I'm sure you understand....

I'm out.
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yeah i miss that....

I used to just roll over like a dog getting its stomach rubbed
Dayem, I don't know deck about deer,,,
The whole time I was looking for bullet holes, as all the deer signs everywhere in this country have bullet holes shot through them, lollz.
Points for the +1 in the rock? hahaha
How do you know they are supposed to be white tailed deer and not elk or something? Aren't elk antlers like the statue? (I really have no idea, I'm not a deer expert). EDIT: I just went and googled elk...definitely not it. Guess the artist wasn't referencing a real deer. Silly.

I was thinking maybe the male was missing his deer balls/cock or something
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