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Someone make me a moderator please

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I will get you back, asshole

BTW, do you think Imight get the bars by friday?
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Fucker sent me my parts. I got them today.

They were addressed to me...... and team "SLOW Squid Ridaz"
<-- some team he made up that I am apparantly a part of :wtf

Then he posted a note on my reciept, where my vortex bars are still on order. He siad "you'll never see them....

Then below that it said "For my little Grasshoppa"

this all started because In my order notes I Said "from Moto_Joe, I am your lord and Master"
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I will pay him back...... :grrr
Cestode said:
Funny stuff
Oh dont think I dont owe you one too.... I heard about your comment in a thread back on the other site. 00rngr told me about it, but I cant remember where it was LOL
lol so you get your parts quickly and you're upset? Not my problem your lap times make you apart of that team
hahaha it's war bieatch

I thought you would like that little touch lol
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it's all good and pm me or email me tomrorow about the bars...we were closed today and I have a good feeling they will show up tomorrow and go out the door, but i'll know more tomorrow
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Joe got pwned by corey.....LOL
Funny stuff........I did that to a moderator on another forum...we have to have email address on the outside invoice (shipping label) So his was [email protected]
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lol brad. Sometimes we actually get to have a little fun in this industry.
Yup!!!! Sometimes it's the only way to get the "last laugh" Muahahahahahaha!
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