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speedohealer or yellow box

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as some of you seen im building my k7 up a bit this winter and i would love to change the gearing BUT i hate how inaccurate the speedometer is now, so after i change that i will go insane. to fix that i figured i buy a speedometer-correction-device like a speedometer or yellow box

my question, since im sure somebody on this board got one or the other, is which one is easyer (i like easy:sneaky) to use and install and/or better?

thanks for the help in advance

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I would get a speedohealer before I got a yellow box. There is a new product coming out soon and from Acumen one of the leaders in electronics. I'm told it has an LCD Screen and is pretty damn badass. Was suppose to be out a few weeks ago and I didn't call them as I wanted to give them more time. I'll check up on it this week though...
Emailed my contact over there and will let you know when I get a return email on what the eta is
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to date the speedohealer is the best product out there for correcting the speedo. Beats the yellowbox by a large margin.
nothing yet, it will take a day or two before I hear back.
It will be a little bit more spendy then the speedo healer with an lcd display and it will do more then the speedohealer as well
average riding speed while on the track or out riding? top speed display, and a bit more
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we'll get them soon enough and do a nice group buy on this forum
they are in production now i guess so about 4 weeks out. guess they are starting to the first run of them today or tomorrow.
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I asked for a pic and maybe more details. We'll see if they will release it though
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