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This suit retailed at around $1200. It's got 1 season on it with a couple of get-offs. Suit is in very good condition but has a couple of damaged areas. Both shoulders have worn through the outer leather, the inner and armor is still perfect. There is 1 small seam separation on the forearm where the armor is. I rode several races with the suit like this with no worries or Tech issues. In the pics the black are where the tears are is about 2" to give you an idea. The white stuff is from the gaffers tape I used to cover the area. That stuff is as good as a repair.

If your a trackday guy this is a great chance to get into a VERY good suit for cheap. know the Spidis are high quality.

Asking $575 shipped.

This is a fantastic deal. Very high quality suit. I would spend $600 on a used High end suit before I spent $500 on a discount suit. They are pricey for a reason. Thats 2 crashes, 1 at about 90mph and 1 on the limiter in 2nd gear with no injuries and the suit came out in great condition.

Size 56 Euro. I'm 5' 10" and 200lbs and it fitslike a glove.

The boots are red, good condition, 1 season on them. US 11


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