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Squirrel fell out of the tree!

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And landed here! Howdy!

Here is a little about myself.

I ride as much as I can afford, averaging 10-15k mi. per year. I have been riding since 2000. I have crashed and will crash again. Sometimes I ride fast, sometimes slow, but always at "55". Hahahaha Corners are my real drug.
My current list of bikes, newest to oldest;
'00.5 Aprilia, RSV mille, general rider.
'96 Suzuki, GSX-R750T, thrasher, converting to track bike.
'93 Honda, VFR750F, commuter.
'79 Honda, CBX 6cyl, long term restoration project.
'72 Yamaha, DS-7, vintage racing project.

I am looking for yosh kit parts for my SRAD, if you know of any, please let me know

All in all, I hope to be able to help, and or recieve help from this board.


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Thanks guys!

OK, I have bought bikes... Now where are the women that are supposed to be flocking to me?

Something to leg-hump will do. :biggrin
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those are some nice machines you got there and welcome to the site
Nice collection, I always like the old VeeFers, my friend had a 91, and another had a RC-30 RVF. Those V-4's are bullet proof, and when they come down the street the gear-driven cams give that Super charger whine!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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