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Suppose I should jump in....

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I'm an old kid from New Mexico, been around a long time, way older than most of you youngins, but still a kid at heart....

Been riding for alot of years, either road bikes, dirt bikes, quads, mountain bikes, etc....just can never get enough...

picked up a K6 1K for now, can't get rid of the old road race fever, won 3 Regional Championships and 2 Amateur National Championships at Daytona.

Then went on to jet ski racing, now my hobbies are riding, street or quads, as well as shooting some pistol competition, etc....

Work is an Engineering Manager for a major Aerospace company in support of the Air Force. Work takes up alot of time, but still have time on the weekends to mess around.
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got any pics jet skiing? I love that sport! One hell of a workout if you really get aggressive with them...
yeah moto, i have some pics somewhere, I raced the Busch World Cup Tour in Florida, until someone borrowed my ski for good (stolen). I have some pics around, jumping 10 foot waves in Daytona Beach, its a blast. We even went out with a hurricane 200 miles offshore, there was no beach, 200 years of whitewater all the way to the walls on the beach, 15 foot waves. We went out in full gear, wetsuits, helmets, gloves, booties, let me tell you, it was a blast, but if you got dumped by a wave, better be good at holding your breath as you usually didn't pop up for 15-30 seconds....and ready for some roadrash bounced off the ocean floor.

We ran 450 gallon/hour bilge pumps in our ski's to pump all the water out. And if you got swamped, had to hope you can get to the ski and that it starts. We had beach patrol and cops on the ramp waving us in. I told my friend Mark when we could talk between waves, 'might as well stay out here and burn up some gas, we're all ready in trouble' lol
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Welcome, I used to race skis as well... this was back in 92-94 though.... back then I was racing 440SS and made it to Havasu in 94 for the world finals... Damn that was a blast.
A bunch of great memories for sure.
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