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Suzuki GS 125 Fuel Dripping

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Hi there

I have a 1999 Suzuki GS125 ESX and have noticed that there is fuel dripping from the overflow pipe under the bike ( near oil sump small black plastic pipe ) I’ve read this could a problem with float or Carbs needing cleaning? Any ideas please
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Yes, your float may be sticking or improperly adjusted making it so your carburetor overfills, hence why its coming out under the bike. it would be worth it to go in an make sure everything is clean, but if you want to avoid the work, try firmly but gently tapping the sides of the float bowl, the float may just be stuck and need a small jolt to free it. happens with my Dr100 all the time. if you have a metal float, it may have developed a crack or a tiny pin hole causing it to fill with gas and not close properly. all things to take in consideration. hope some of this information helps!
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