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The only CE rated UNIT of it's kind, certified as a kit, not just containing certified armor pieces. No cheap plastic, or throw-away pieces, ever, just the highest rated armour in the world, in a well designed piece with a great, extremely adjustable attachment system to fit comfortably and allow you full movement. Rib and kidney protection like nothing else, perfect for Supermoto, dirt, flat track, or road racing. The Harness Flight vest will fit great under roadrace leathers, giving you full upper body protection in a slim package, and the Harness Adventure will work great on its own or under a top layer. Beautifully made, with some of the only armor on the market that can withstand more than one hit before being obsolete. This piece NEVER degrades from impacts. Models
  • FORCEFIELD EXTREME HARNESS ADVENTURE, CE / Certified LEVEL 1, Full Chest-Back-Sides, Shoulder And Elbow Protection, $325
  • FORCEFIELD EXTREME HARNESS FLITE PLUS , CE / Certified LEVEL 1 Full Chest-Back-Sides And Shoulder Protection $260
  • FORCEFIELD EXTREME HARNESS FLITE, CE / Certified LEVEL 1, Full Chest, Back and Sides Protection $210
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