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want to trade?

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this is not my bike it is one of my students. He too is in the navy, and cant handle the weight or torque of the bike. read the craigslist posting. he's looking for a 600 but will settle for 750. serious inquiries only please guys. your only gonna be wasting my time cause now i gotta play salesman for him
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Hopefully he can sell it, and get whatever he wants. I like how he added "p.s I know it has gsxr on the side...."
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Sorry about the craigslist add, stupid people all over that crap.This is my Tl1000r. It has a clean Conn. title. I got this as my first bike and it is just to much bike for me to learn on. The first time i rode it did a low side so it has scratches on its right faring, other than that its perfect. Will include a new back tire, new stickers, power commander2, and the cd tech manual. I just want a smaller bike. thanks for looking p.s.- i know it has gsxr on the side, the previous owner did that.
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to the forum. G/L selling/trading your bike
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Thanks i cant wait to get on a bike that i can get past first gear on!
sup fucker. Tag your it.
k, no body pm me about this the owner is now on gfn. Welcome by the way.
PS i thought you guys were gonna get rid of larry. Stupid fish is still there. wtf

Grandevil said:
Take the MSF course!!!!
Chill Mel, He's my student, and I already informed him he had no choice. Its also a requirement in the service that if you want to ride, you have to take the course. They give it to us for free pn base.
Now go back to my bedroom:evil
Goodworldleader said:
Thanks i cant wait to get on a bike that i can get past first gear on!
Welcome GWL!!
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