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Hey guys.

Found this site by searching on google.

I'm a first-time sportbike owner; but I've been riding dirtbikes since I was about 12. My bike is a 93 GSXR 600, and I absolutely love it. The only problem is that I recently dropped it at a low speed; but the clutch lever and the shifter linkage broke off, so it's currently un-ridable :shakehead, broke my heart when it happened. The bike needs some other work (was dropped a couple times by previous owners), like new fairings. I don't really have the money to be fixing it just yet (it's going other places unfortunately), plus being in the winter season, so it will be awhile before I'm on it again (at least my parents are happy about it).

I am thinking about street fighter-ing the bike, especially if it will save
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Heyy! A fellow Dirt Biker!
Yeah, if you street fighter that beast it'll save you on plastics. Get the Shifter parts here via the Sposors, or find them in the for sale section..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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