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Whats the purpose of pulling o2 sensor

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When hooking up a PCIII, what's the purpose of pulling the o2 sensor from the bike and plugging in the jumper supplied by dynojet. What do you gain from doing this?

While I'm asking about jumpers. I was told I could pull the damper silinoid that I zip tied to the headlight when I changed it out and plug a jumper in there. Is this true?
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You can put a jumper in there, but it's really not needed unless you don't want it zip tied there any longer. They both do the same thing.

Well you have to see that the o2 sensor normally finds out if the exhaust is lean or rich and then it manipulates the ecu to compensate for it. The stock ecu and an o2 sensor can only manipulate so much and oem o2's are not that accurate either as they are not wideband sensors. When you install the pc3 you basically map it how you want it so that it runs well. You then pull that o2 as you don't need it really and don't need it sending data to the ecu. If it reads a mixture outside of what it should be then it often will toss a check engine light also. This works in cars or bikes. Basically the pc3 is the map that will be controlling your fuel so the o2 isn't needed.

also on cars it checks to make sure the catalytic converter is working. anything too rich or lean and you will get a check engine light. if the o2 goes out often your car will burn through more fuel as it will default the computer to the richest setting that it can. Normally the ecu adjustments are minor compared with what tuners need, but it will still hurt your mileage often and it's noticeable.
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From senior member to GFN parts bitch

Thanks Corey, I was just curious and will pull the sensor.
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yup, just pull the sucker! I put that title in there...doesn't bother me as that's basically what I am LOL
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