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Wheelies are cool...

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I lolled..
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stupid, his friend is messed up for not even making him put on a helmet knowing he cant wheelie....

thats the dumbest thing ever, but funny as shit cause it was predicted
the best part is when he said "that will be the last time i do that"
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if it was me... i'd get right back on and keep going so i dont let the scare get in me....

Luckly i dont wheelie like that LOL
I think he says "WONT be the last time i do that" which is even sadder. dumb ass
fucking tool. poor bike. watching that makes me miss my 04 1k.
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Dam... you'd think that they would wear more gear. Even the Icon protective gear would work in this case. Oh well.
yes, love the 04 1k, personally like it better the my 07 1k but, anyway....that dude is retarted
learning to clutch wheelie with no gear....asshole
i never understood their concept

and yes love to wheelie
The back brake is yer friend!
Why do my youtube posts look like that? I can't figure it out. It's not left justified.
I love in the second one, they pick it up then let it fall over, classic..
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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