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okay...fess up, which one of ya's gave me this avitar?
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OMG...sorry bro LOL don't let mel see it or she'll be all over you...
I don't know but you were VERY close to being infracted this AM for it
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you dont have the guts:lmao
I don't???? :Hmmm
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Biga said:
Unlike you, i don't make it a habit to troll

If you will notice.....he must like the avatars....he's not changing them
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oh god damnit!!! i think kwcomp noticed my avitar

<--------dude this pic is soo fcked up:fact:lmao

oh damnit...i just noticed he got my sig too:rant:rofl
i dont even want to know what kind of website you found that pic at:lmao

ill be back...
So that is him in the bored thread!!!
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Tell us the truth or face teh ban...............
definetly not me but thats the guy in that pic looks similar to me in some ways...he needs to be less gay and get some facial hair and maybe not be 16 and he'll look more like me:lmao
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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