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XBox 360 Gamer Tags

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alrite beeyatches ... Post up ur gamertags and what games you play and we can get bizzzzzzy
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haven't been playing much lately, but I have COD4, PGR3 and 4, Tiger wods 07, Madden 08, MotoGP 06, NFS Pro street, Gears, GTA4, and Halo 3... and some others I don't remember. haven't played a lot of those online but I would if someone wanted to.

Most of my live time is spent with COD4 or GTA4.
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well u guys are gunna get a request from domn8n so make sure u accept it
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mine is fourliterranger

i'm online right now playin halo3
Domn8n said:
Tried to send you a friend request but it said u didnt exsist
xILLx BigGame J (need the space)
right now my tag is xMy K0XAFL0PPNx but they keep banning my name so i haft to respell it alot
xPS VerapaKillx

Halo3 and COD4
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Mphis Style

I'm not on much though seeing as I no longer have a xbox in my house

GTA IV, GOW, Halo 3, WSBK when it comes outs
Flatline99 cod4, gta4 are the main ones i play but once in a while i hop on my other games.
jofro6... mostly on CoD4 a lot
BrShan01 - COD4 but I am in the middle of moving/packing shit up so I will probably be out for a week or 2.
I really should try and get on live more my 360 is pretty much a expensive paper weight atm.

gamertag = traltak
update: i'm leaving work in 12 mins. will be on xbox live around 2:30-3:00 pm Pacific time. lets play

My gamertag is E1ghtEqualsDee...I drew a blank when it was time to come up with my gamertag, forgot that I use Thirteen20WRX for everything, and ended up sounding like a 12yo perv.

I play Halo 3 (pretty well) and GTA IV (horribly).
tag: Nardo

im usually on COD4 but i just got guitar hero world tour
its blkngld081000 add me yall
mines DOUJIDORI i play forza moto gp and gears 2
just got xbox gt: suds1485 will be playing cod5
1 - 20 of 143 Posts