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Well... I don't know how many people enjoy different varieties of beers outside the norm of Bud and Coors and that kind of stuff. But I figured some people out there might like a ton of different stuff like me.

I am a big fan of hefe's ... my favorite at the moment is called "Franziskaner"

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It's a Hefe imported from Munich, Germany.... I would highly recommend it.

Another one that I just tried is "Sam Adams White Ale"

A very good brew if you ask me.

What do you all like to drink?

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it seems alot of people that went to Chico enjoy Sierra Nevada.
I had two roomates from there that were in love with it.

It's a pretty good beer, It can be a little on the strong side though.
I drink the pale ale on occasion

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I can't stand the taste of beer.

Give me hard liquor any day over beer

Here is my drink

Palinka - the delicious Hungarian fruit Brandy?s

Palinka is one of the most typical of Hungarian alcoholic spirits. It is a bit of Hungarian culture in liquid form and it tastes terrific. Some call it ?the flavor of Hungary?. Historically Palinka used to be an important part of the fat diet (bacon, pic fat, bread, onion) of village people since the high alcohol content of the Palinka made digestion easier.
Palinka is a strong (from 40 - 80 %) brandy, double-distilled from a variety of fruits grown in the orchards on the Great Hungarian Plains. The most traditional sorts of Palinka are:
  • barack p?linka (appricots),
  • cseresznye p?linka (cherries),
  • k?rte p?linka (pears),
  • alma p?linka (apples)
  • szilva p?linka (plums)
Other popular Palinka flavors are: apple, honey, paprika, herbs and nut. Honey is one of the most recent and is very popular (2007). There are many Palinka producers in Hungary and the quality varies. Some of the more reliable producers are
  • the Kecskem?ti barack (apricot) p?linka,
  • the Szatm?ri szilva (plum) p?linka,
  • Zwacks Vilmosk?rte (William?s pear).
Today people drink Palinka usually either as an aperitif before dinner or like a shot beside the beer. It should be served at room temperature. The Hungarians usually take it bottoms up, but take it easy if your not a hard drinker, its strong! You?ll enjoy it better. Just don?t forget the traditional Hungarian cheers ?Eg?s?gedre?! Pronaunced E-gey-segg-edd-re.

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Well maybe you should try some real beer and not file bud light under the label beer.

Yeah I enjoy Jack if we are talking liqour. But I'm more interested in learning about some new beers. But I'll look up that liqour you posted next time I'm out... Sounds interesting.

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Beer -
I'll drink almost anything...from Mickey's to Fat Tire. My favs are definitely Fat Tire, Hefeweizen Gordon biersch, Blue Moon, Stella, Guiness....there's too many to list

Liquor -
Makers Mark, HangarOne Vodka, Henny, Walker, Remy, Cordon Bleu..and a couple others that I cant think of right now. I'll still drink anything for liquor also, but I prefer Cognacs
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